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     The Pagan Student Association (or PSA) is a non-profit organization of Ohio State University undergraduate and graduate students who meet in order to discuss various Pagan religions, other world religions, and issues affecting the local, national and global Pagan community in an open and academic setting. The official purpose of the Pagan Student Association is: "To provide pagan students and students interested in alternative religions a forum for discussing and learning as well as a social atmosphere."

     The members of PSA include students from various Pagan paths as well as students of other religions. The only requirement for membership is an open mind. Because of our diverse backgrounds, we form a stronger group since each student brings his or her own unique skills and knowledge to share with the group. Although we do have the pleasure of having speakers from the local Pagan community give presentations and workshops, most of the teaching in PSA is done by the members.

     PSA holds weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. in the Ohio Union in Buckeye Suite AB. Typical weekly meetings include a wide range of topics from "Coming out of the Broom-closet" discussions, meditation workshops, and workshops on divination (Tarot cards, Runes, etc.). In addition to these weekly meetings, PSA holds several celebrations to coincide with Pagan holidays. These celebrations include music, dancing, food, story-telling, plays, simple meditations, and just plain fun.

     If you are interested in PSA, please stop by one of our meetings or contact: the PSA co-chairs by using the link above or using your favorite mail program and writing to: and with the subject line PSA (from webpage).

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