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Why Is Paganism Misunderstood?

Because Paganism represents only a small portion of the population, the fact that Pagans worship more than one god whereas most of the other world's religions only have one, as well as the practice of Magick, makes Paganism an easy target for the other religions to harrass. However, we do not attack other religions because we are able to believe that other religions, as well as our own, can be correct.
The fact remains that Paganism is the world's oldest religion and that it wasn't until modern organized religion appeared that Paganism was regarded as being "bad." Most modern religions refuse to acknowledge that any other religion can lead to salvation and this causes great turmoil for Pagans in certain circumstances. The loss of friends, loved ones, and your family refusing to talk to you are all possible outcomes of people's misunderstandings of Paganism.
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